WASP activities have been driven by application needs within three distinctly different domains in Sailpoint course that have been selected for their societal relevance and potential benefit from WSN-based solutions. The first domain is elderly care where, driven by an ageing society, cost-efficient solutions are desired to unobtrusively monitor individual elderly persons and, thereby, to improve personalized support in semi-independent living settings. In livestock farming, the interest in automated WSN-based solutions to monitor individual animals is driven by the trend towards larger farm sizes that, for example, in case of dairy farms is expected in response to the abandonment of the EU milk quota system in 2015.

These web services decouple enterprise and embedded applications and allow the developers of these applications to work independently of each other, as long as they stick to the interfaces defined via these web services. In this manner, the WASP gateway makes it much easier to develop application-optimized solutions. Moreover, the WASP gateway makes WSN services accessible directly using low-power WASP network solutions or indirectly through IP-based connections over WLAN or GPRS. This extends WSN coverage for indoor or outdoor settings.
To facilitate WSN integration, a generic mediation layer between (remote) enterprise systems and the WASP gateway has been added to provide generic data-base-like functionality such as storing WSN data, assessing quality (trustworthiness), analyzing trends, and generating events (including alerts) for specified conditions. Also, a healthcare-specific mediation layer has been developed to enable OpenEHR- and HL7-compliant interfacing with professional Healthcare Information Systems.
To stimulate further developments of WASP results, a WASP public SVN project together with an accompanying WASP Development Handbook has been made available for use by interested third parties for research purposes. Also, various parts have been disseminated to existing open-source communities of which details are indicated on the dissemination page of our WASP public website. Here, a list of journal and conference publications and of panel and workshop inputs can be found as well as the active links to Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), the Smart Dairy Farm interest group (in the Netherlands), the growing Ambient Assisted Living Community within Europe, and parties within the automotive industry.


A variety of generic hardware and software components on 
WSN-, gateway-, and enterprise-level has been developed from which enterprise and WSN developers can select those that meet overall application requirements. In addition, a toolbox for application development has been developed that contains, for example, an embedded SW development environment (with tools for building, compiling, and debugging), network simulation models to assess QoS trade-offs, and programming tool chains to develop node- and gateway-level services together with communication libraries to enterprise services.


Besides integration, also various explorative activities have been undertaken to advance the WSN field and to assess future candidates for system integration. Examples include novel programmable hardware solutions (ReISC microcontroller and biomedical-optimized prototype ICs), software platform solutions (blackboard, extra-functional framework, code 
generation tools), integration of the P/S interaction in a (novel) highly cross-optimized routing and MAC stack, and an alternative “all-IP” implementation of the WASP system to assess main development consequences for the current, only partially IP-based implementation. 

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Over the past few decades, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have attracted a lot of interest\as they could enable a wide range of novel applications and business propositions.

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